Health & Safety

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IF HE/SHE IS NOT FEELING WELL. Illness spreads very quickly in a classroom. General guidelines include: (1) no fever in the past 24 hours; (2) no persistent cough; (3) no thick mucous; (4) no fatigue or general discomfort.

The district is now fully implementing the Online Emergency Contact system. You must complete and, when necessary, update your ONLINE Emergency Contact Information through a link to Community Pass.


The administration of any medication to a student during school hour will be permitted when failure to take medication would jeopardize the health of the student or the student would not be able to attend school if the medication were not administered during school hours. The school nurse or parent may administer medication during school hours with permission for self-administered for life threatening medical conditions(*), The policy for the administration of medication during school hours is as follows:

1. A written request must be completed and returned to the school nurse for the administration of medication authorized by the physician as requested by  the parent/guardian. ( I. Parent /Guardian Authorization) relieving the Board of Education and its employees of liability for administration of medication.

2. A written request must be completed and returned to the school nurse by the prescribing physician detailing the name of the medication, diagnosis, dosage,
form, time of administration, duration of treatment, side effects, and ramification of failure to medicate (ll. Physician's Authorization).

3. *Permission may be granted to a student for self-administration of medication for asthma or other potentially life threatening illnesses (i.e., inhalers, Epi-pens
Glucagon, etc.) provided the above parent/guardian and physician's  authorizations are completed, including written certification regarding the student's condition and that the student is capable of and has been instructed in self-administration of the medication.

4. The district shall incur no liability as a result of an injury arising from the self-administration of medication b the student. The parent/guardian must sign a statement indemnifying and holding the district harmless against any injury  or claims that arise as a result of the pupil's self-administration: and

5. The medication must be brought to the school nurse in a container properly labeled with the physician's name, child's name, drug and dose schedule by prescribing physician or pharmacy. The nurse may verify prescribed medicationwith the physician.

6. The school physician may review the medication orders of the private physician.

7. Parent/guardian must contact the school nurse regarding field trips and/or individual student health/medical conditions that may necessitate immediate medical intervention including the administration of medication (i.e., Epi-pen, inhaler, insulin, Glucagon, etc. The physician must complete the appropriate section of the physician's authorization for administration of medication.)

If the nurse is not available, the medication can only be given by the parent. The authorization for medication does not extend beyond the current school year.

Nurse's Office Hours
Daily: 8:35 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Telephone Number: 201-652-2722

Medication Authorization Form and Instructions

Nut Free Table

Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan

Asthma Action Plan


Safety Rules

The following rules have been established to help our students have a safe day at school. It is important for you to discuss these rules with your child and help the school staff enforce them. 

1. Students should not arrive on the Hawes School grounds before 8:35 a.m. unless there is a planned activity with a staff member.

2.  At 3:00 p.m., all students should leave the Hawes School grounds  unless there is a planned activity with a staff member.

3. The playground is not available for neighborhood play between 8:00 am and 3:35 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session without parent supervision. 
    There is no adult supervision on the playground between 8:00-8:35 a.m. and  3:00-3:35 p.m. unless a planned school activity has been scheduled.

4. NO ball games of any kind are to played off the walls of the school.

5. Students are NOT to bring hard ball (baseballs, etc.) to school.

6. Skateboards and roller blades are not allowed at any Ridgewood elementary school.

7. No Hats are to be worn (boys and girls) in the school building.

8. Safety Patrol students must be respected.  These students provide a valuable service to  the school by being available to help everyone follow the rules.          

9. NO FLIP-FLOPS should be worn to school. Proper, secured footwear is a  requirement. Sandals with a backstrap are permitted.


Stranger Awareness

Our health/safety curriculum will include discussions concerning "being approached by strangers." Parents should alert children to leave such situations immediately and quickly, and to report the situation immediately to trusted adults at home or at school.

Bicycle Safety

Between 8:00 a.m. and 3:35 p.m., ONLY FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADERS are permitted to ride bicycles to school. It is recommended that a sturdy bike lock be used. Bicycles must be walked rather than ridden on school property. All bicycles must have current Ridgewood inspection stickers. Bicycle inspection is done at the Police Station. Children are required to wear helmets.


Policy Regarding Interruption of Classes

Because of the potential for interruption of the instructional program, the office does not call students
out of the class for lunches, instruments, homework, library books, etc.  Teachers will send students who are missing these items down to the office at times that do not interrupt instruction.  Please reinforce with your children that if they realize they are missing any of the above items, they should check with the office to see if they have been delivered.  For this policy to be effective, please do not request the office staff to call your child from class or ask them to deliver any items.
Midday Communication with Teachers
Please make after school arrangements prior to the start of the school day.  Teachers are not able to check email throughout the day to receive "change in plans" notifications as they are involved in instruction or planning.  Additionally, the office does not want to interrupt instruction to deliver messages unnecessarily.  Please keep requests for midday message delivery to a minimum and for emerencies only.

In order to provide a proper environment for teaching and learning, student visitors from other schools are not permitted to spend extended periods (over 1/2 hour) of time in the classrooms.  The principal must approve all visitations.